McDvoice McDonald’s Survey @ – Free BOGO Coupon

McDvoice McDonald’s Survey @ – Free BOGO Coupon

Work everywhere……..these days people became so busy with their work that they don’t even have enough time to have good food. Parents aren’t having sufficient time to prepare delicious food for their children. It’s high time… Everyone today is in search of a place where they get high-quality food at an affordable price.  And people Mcdonald’s is such a place which everyone dream to have.

McDonald’s is the world’s largest restaurant chain by revenue which is established over 100 countries all over the world. It is well known for its burgers, french fries and what, not everything. Over years it is just charming out-of-the-way of the people. McDonald’s is very well known for its trust because it has become about 78 years right from the year of establishment. It is also the world’s second largest private employer with about 1.9 million employees, 1.5 million of whom work for franchises.

Products are offered either as eat-in or take-out. It predominantly sells hamburgers, various types of chicken, chicken sandwiches, french fries, soft drinks, breakfast items and also desserts. It also offers salads and vegetarian items. Coming to the environment, many restaurants are dirty and dingy… but Mcdonalds is a fancy French restaurant which is meticulously clean. It is not only a funky place but also a family run.

Mcdvoice Survey Guide:

Not only providing with many offers, but a company should also aim the customer’s satisfaction. Therefore McDonald’s also started a customer satisfaction survey called McDvoice. It asks the customers to participate in this survey so that they can improve their service. But the survey does not cause any inconvenience to the customer. It is truly based on the Customer’s choice. In this survey, the customer has to answer a few simple questions which are a simple task but many of the people think it as a difficult task.

in order to participate in the survey:

  • a pc or a laptop or a smartphone.
  • internet access to that device
  • working printer
  • McDonalds receipt
  • Knowledge of any chosen language.

Steps to perform the survey:

  • Go to the official website or click on the official website.
  • The home page will appear where you have to select the language of your choice. Make sure that the McDvoice survey offers you only two languages.
  • Enter the code of the restaurant you visited recently.
  • Specify all details such as the date and time of your visit, the amount paid at the restaurant.
  • Now answer all the questions asked by the questionnaire of the survey.
  • Make sure that you answer the questions honestly because they will improve their services as per your record.
  • Once you are done with the survey, submit it.
  • After completion of the survey, you will be given a coupon print that coupon using a printer.

Accessing free food:

Mcdonald’s offers various coupons where you get different types of offers. There is an application which is available for free which gives you access to different types of coupons. This application uploads its offers and coupons every week and you need to check them frequently so that you might not miss any deals or offers.

Another way of obtaining coupons is to join the email list. Sign up using your email address and then check the amazing offers to get free food, coupons or local offers.

Many promotional events are also being conducted for providing free food or discounts on food. These offers will be advertised in media also, so people do not iss any opportunity of obtaining food at a very low price.

However like a coin has two phases, every packet comes to this world with both good and bad. Mcdonald’s will always aim at providing the quick meal, but it is not possible always. So people please do turn up with the survey McDvoice so that the company could increase its services.


Here we have given the information for you, related to the questions asked in the survey.

  • Customer’s overall satisfaction.
  • The food taste.
  • How usually you visit the store.
  • Time is taken to present your order.
  • Cleanliness and site of the eating place.
  • The overall satisfaction with your experience at the restaurant.
  • Food Prices.
  • Friendliness of the staff
  • Offers by the restaurant.
  • Working hours of the restaurant.

Customer Service:

If you any doubts or issues, you can reach to the company through the following

  • Phone: 1-800-244-6227
  • Mailing address: 2111 McDonald’s Dr., Oak Brook, IL 60523
  • Website:

Hence, we have given the related information regarding the McDonald’s Feedback Survey where you can find the forms at Mcdvoice. By filling the McDonald’s survey, you can get a free sandwich when you visit the store next time. Thank you for choosing us as your guide. Hope we have given the information that is required to you, Have a nice day. If you have any issues please comment below to reach us.

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